Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So this is the start…

Of sharing my world, sharing my story, sharing my life.
Of letting everyone see what I have taken glimpse at,
Of giving them a peek of the things I am interested in,
Of letting everyone know what I can do, what I have to offer,
And just share whatever crazy thoughts I have in mind.

I am an artist, yes I might be different from others, I see things in my own perspective, unique and incomparable

For I believe that an Amazing hand has creatively written my life,
And for my Life isn’t really perfect or ideal, but I have realized that life isn’t about perfection…
It’s about how you create beauty out of the things that seem unloveable and undesireable, those things not pleasing into your eyes nor to your heart.

This life won’t walk off to a road where everyone or everybody wants to go,
I promise, I will take my own path, will go onto the direction where my heart is leading me.
Where I can do whatever I want to do, what makes me happy, what makes my life fulfilling and in the end, look back to a life with no regrets.

This’ll be the start of my blog.
Whatever comes next, that, I do not know… nobody knows what or when,for this’ll be random, untimely, unplanned,unexpected. 

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