Saturday, May 19, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

(Oxford Dictionary)

noun: a desire or hope for something to happen 
(my comment: hope this happens =)! )

verb: (no object) feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that cannot or probably will not happen
(my comment: this will happen! haha! )

When I was a child, I remember myself being fascinated with stories, especially the fairy tales. I guess most of us had this experience of being so addicted to kings and queens, princes and princesses, castles, magic, fairy god mothers and most of all wishes! And I believe that wishes are one of the most significant concepts in a fairy tale story.  I remember that for your wishes to come true, you need to be good, you need to do your best, you need to convince and persuade the fairy god mother that you really need and want your wish to come true!!!

Before I lay down my wishes, let me share to you why I entered blogging-- I’m a newbie in blogging, just started February of this year. I tried blogging because I wanted to share my life in a such a way that I document what I do in life through words I utter in my blog, through artworks I post and through the photos I have taken. Yes, I am an artist—visual artist, graphic designer, photographer, musician and yes, I know what statement is running on your mind “Jack of all trades—let me edit it, Master of Arts! (just kidding) Haha! Most of all, I tried blogging not because I am craving for thousands of views, or to do what many others are doing, but only one thing-- I wanted to share my craft  with anyone who might be brave enough and dare to look, read and visit my personalized online canvass even for just a second.

Aside from being an artist, I am currently working in a Fashion Retail company as part of Marketing. I have heard about Zalora a couple of times and have seen their viral banner ads in most of the websites I have visited on the internet. I first bumped into the My Zalora Wishlist contest when got and email from Nuffnang about this contest, I was really excited and wanted to join and pass my entry right away, but because I am so busy with work, sadly, I thought I cannot join anymore, but I can’t, I can’t let this contest pass without even trying! Without any effort to make all these wishes come true!  This is my very first time to join a blogging contest, and hopefully, hopefully… Fairy God Mothers Zalora and Nuffnang would raise up their wands and together, utter to me the words I wanted to hear for a very long long time,” Your wish is granted!” That would really make me so happy, seriously! =)

So let me tell what my wishes are for our Fairy God mothers “Zalora” and “Nuffnang” Being a part of the fashion industry, you should always be presentable, not just presentable but also fashionable and pleasing whenever and wherever you might be. That is why I picked these items to be on my wish list chart. Swear, I had a hard time choosing, because all of the items are really worth craving for. Its like on your first look, you wanted this, but another item will get your attention, and another one, until you find yourself wanting them all! But of course I can’t,  I needed to pick only five, though I wanted more!

Here’s my Zalora Wishlist Chart!

IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL =) I REALLY WANT THEM, IT WAS A LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I want this pair of shoes because, believe me when I say I have never had boots in my life before, honestly, just can't afford to buy them, though I'm saving money to buy one someday! I love the details of the shoes, so unique and you can wear them with almost everything, pair of denim, or shorts, for mallong or just for a walk, rocker type and sleek! This one is incredible! I want to have those! 

The Mix Material Mid Boots by 5cm are made of assorted materials on the upper, mounted on an brown linear jagged surface on the sole for extra grip. The mid portion is also stitched for extra support and has laces as its fastening system as well as a buckle belt strap on the outer ankle area (Zalora) 
Again from 5cm this jacket caught my eye! I love jackets and cardigans, they just make my wardrobe complete and perfect! I feel much comfortable and confident when I'm wearing jacket than just by a plain shirt. This jacket will be perfect for my meetings and events! One thing I like about it its design, I love the texture and its details. It is indeed fashionably edgy, cool and irresistibly eye-catching! 

 5CM Poly Patch Jersey Jacket has a very sporty look. This light weight jacket is designed to keep you warm, yet give you that fashionably edgy and athletic appearance. Accent it with a colorful top and skinny blue jeans for a hip and cool contrast (Zalora)
Next in line is this very clean-looking long-sleeved shirt from Hooked Clothing. This polo with its cool earthly pallete would be best worn in office,especially this summer season when its really hot. I prefer light-colored clothes at this type of season. I'd be very blessed to have this!  

This long sleeve button down striped shirt is a great piece for that cowboy look. Pair with dark jeans and boots. Perfect for your next outing to a country bar!(Zalora)
Yes! I'm a big fan of boots! that is why I also picked this Gola vintage-looking boots. I love the rugged feel, its texture (cause  I've seen one and I really looked if its available here in Zalora) thank God it is! Plus the yellow lace? they're perfect! It's my favorite color =) Now I hope to have these pair of boots in my shoe rack =) Give it to me! I want them badly!

This pair of black leather lace up boot by Gola is perfect for the rugged modern look. Pair with jeans and a distressed button down shirt. Rugged and Sexy! (Distressed look. Looks worn-out and vintage)(Zalora)
I GOT HOOKED again for hooked clothing! Looking at many options, this one got my attention, I like its fit, its design, its details, in other words, (plain and simple) I LOVE IT! What will make my wishlist complete is this pair of pants! Hope to have this delivered on my doorstep! =)Yay! 

Be the picture of nonchalant elegance with this pair of long pants with striped trim by Hooked. Pair it with a simple white tee and sneakers for a fun and functional daytime look.(Zalora)


I bet you know it! I know you know it! Yes you do! =)And you're correct, I'd be making a complete set of outfit which i can use in the near future! Take a look at the photo below, aren't they good together? That's what I want these items to be. I'll be mixing and matching them over my older outfits! So I prepared two styles, one is a bit sleek and clean looking and the other one is  a bit dark and edgy, cool and would be making a rocker-type statement! I'd be wearing them for almost every meeting, events and gatherings, like fashion shows, casting calls, photoshoots and many other! If this wish comes real, I'd be very happy! Thank YOu Nuffnang and of course, ZALORA!

Shopping has never been this easier!
Register, choose what you want and next thing you know, is that it is being delivered to your address and you may pay it in a Cash on Delivery (COD) Basis! But you may choose to pay via credit card (Visa/Mastercard), PayPal, Online banking through your BDO/BPI/Chinabank accounts, yes! That easy!

Shop now! Don't forget to create an account which entitles you to take advantage of Zalora's introductory Php250 gift voucher. What is really anticipated to online stores are customers having this feeling of convenience, and that is what exactly Zalora gives to their customers and rest assured, they'll give you optimum service and quality!


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